Background and Story

You have a cause — The woman who brought you into the world is lost in the big dark, and everyone who can do something about it says it was her fault.
Your Mother, a 2 mile long Spirit class tradeship, an 830 person crew — gone, without a trace.
Because she screwed up.

Not bloody likely.

But the only one left to prove otherwise is a self-indulgent, slacking ne'er do well — her son — you.

There will be more than one nation / alliance represented, though the flavour is more country based and less alliance based.
NorthStar is going to be a little trip along the SciFi road where cultural flavours and biases are not erased by the trip to space melting pot.
Canada, Russia, Denmark and several other countries in possession of nice cold territory will have a space-faring fleet.
Nothing about Canada being "number 1", but just a big player along with Russia, China, the Norse countries, etc — Alaska is nice enough to purchase a few drives though.
In the NorthStar universe, the US is easily the most powerful nation on earth.

Antarctica is not that great for building launch bases, and it is a political mess — so, why would anyone trying to maximize their trading opportunities touch it?
Hence. Antarctica is hands off in NorthStar.

Bagh Jorkel ship 'lands' in Toronto.

And the aliens — well it is interesting how it plays out.
Not to give too much away, but first contact is not a full on business deal…
Once the preliminaries are out of the way, the Bagh Jorkel will trade with whoever has what interests them. In this case, the Bagh Jorkel are looking for a little piece of home.
And there will be more than one alien race, though one or two will be very pivotal to the plot line — such as the Bagh Jorkel — while others will be less technologically advanced indigenous populations.

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