RPG Elements

Your character is set — Canadian Male
You will have to be satisfied with picking your set of initial skills from a delightfully large array.

There will be full traditional RPG character statistic and skill use and development.

As for missions? There will be literally hundreds of them and yes, hauling freedom fighters, or terrorists depending on your point of view, will be in the mix.

NorthStar will not just use a large amount of missions to infer replayability but will offer variability in the missions themselves.
For instance in a very recent high profile space RPG, what you have is basically a very large number of missions, but those missions are the same every time you play the game. The issue is just finding and playing through them all.
In NorthStar, say on one playthrough a guy offers you cash to deliver a box to his brother on Alpha Centauri. You take the job, it turns out to the be the family china and the brother is very happy and he pays you. The next time you play through the game the man giving you the mission is really an assassin and the package is really a cleverly disguised bomb. The next time it might be a drug sting and at the other end is a squad of security troops waiting to frame and arrest you.

This game is about making being a trader interesting exciting and satisfying — it is not about throwing ever bigger and sillier things at you so that you do not notice that you have been doing the exact same thing 3000 times with different nouns inserted into the mission description.

Crew composition is dynamic.
You will start with the crew you see on the teaser poster — the thing to remember is that you are just not running a group of D&D adventurers who are all in it because they hate Orcs. You are running a business. The Northstar MUST run in the black. People are with you for love, action or money — but mostly the money. People gotta get paid. Fuel has to be paid for. Repairs are expensive. Traveling with a small army of rambo's.., may get a little pricey…

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