Port AvSquadron
Deep Scatter

You are surveying a planet off in the deep Scatter. No previous beacons, no Mapping Service registered flightplan in the data base, no other ships in system. As far as you can tell you are pulling a Columbus.

Atmosphere is very close to standard, within parameters to walk around outside with a thick coat on. Nothing terrible popping up from orbit, you decide to use the Northstar itself for the low survey.

You quickly fly zone to zone mapping the small details and, since your agenda right now is fuel for the fusion drives, you pick out a landing zone at the mouth of a river with low hills and enough open space to set down easily. You land, cut to RPG view and you wander out of the ship carefully.

The spot beside the river is very nice and, after dispatching something resembling the love child of a bear and a rhino, you decide it is safe enough to haul out a cracking station.

It takes a day or so to generate enough deuterium for your tanks and in that time you decide you will leave the little cracking station, build a secure "Omni-Hut"(tm) over it and a large storage tank. You then pull a Landing beacon and "Omni-terminal"(tm) out of storage and….

VOILA!! Port AvSquadron is born! The galaxies newest Class F starport and you are its proud owner. The omni-terminal will log the arrival of any ship and auto charge them for any landing and fuel fees. Of course, since you are not hiring any personnel to work way out here, it is a fully automated starport and hence pretty much works on the honor system. ( Something actually well founded in the Scatter since abusing or destroying what few facilities are out here harms everyone and is very much frowned on by other far traders, colonists and even pirates. )

Over the course of the game you might upgrade it perhaps with warehouses, a fully staffed trade base, try and attract other merchants charging them rent, etc etc…

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