NorthStar will most definitely be a science fiction game which focuses on exploration and trade.

NorthStar is exploring the stars, encountering unknown races, establishing and defending trade routes and trading posts, etc.

Firefly comparison? I suppose, but I am just as happy about that as when people feel Sword of the Stars reminds them of Babylon 5. Great company to be in.

Like X or Freelancer/Privateer? Somewhat — in basic theme I suppose — but to us space trading games have been drifting farther and farther from being about the lone starship captain and more and more about being a thinly disguised space flight sim a'la WingCommander.

I liked Privateer a lot — and Freelancer as well — but with each progression it seemed like trading was less and less important and all missions were spacecombat battles. Which was fun, but not the half of the Han Solo experience I was looking for.

To us, the essence of the space trader was Han Solo. Yes, the Falcon was a hot ship, but it wasn't supposed to be fighting star destroyers all the time or taking on endless jobs to shoot down space pirates — it was about the dealing with lowlife scum, hidden cargo panels, taking odd jobs on the surface of worlds, gunfights as well as dogfights. Shooting up things in space is fun for a bit, but actually watching the cops wander by your hidden cargo panel and wondering whether you should dive for cover and start blasting now? Thats the feel, tension and gameplay we want to bring back to the genre.

NorthStar is about putting the rogue back in your wingcommander

We are not planning to set it in the Sword of the Stars universe — we already have several other games in mind for the Sword of the Stars franchise and we'd like to develop another completely unique SF milieu.

Sword of the Stars is about being alien as much as it is human — NorthStar is more about the things humans are all about and the variety they come in. Think in terms of the difference between Babylon 5 and Firefly in terms of focus and the kinds of stories being told.

NorthStar will have co-operative multi-player.

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